SD-WAN and beyond

Transform the economics of network operations by taking WAN to the Internet. Use multiple MPLS, broadband, and LTE circuits for better utilization, availability, and transparent failover without dropping application flows. Traffic between sites is protected with industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

 Secure cloud networking

Extend your network seamlessly to both public and private clouds with speed and assurance. Deploy on AWS with CloudFormation templates. Run on private clouds and data centers using virtual SPAN appliances or Docker containers.


 Application-aware policies

Define application-based policies to allow traffic to be flexibly filtered, conditioned, and steered based on packet headers and deep packet inspection. Apply the same application knowledge to prioritize and shape per-application traffic.

 Remote access users

Enable remote access on one or more sites, on-premise or in cloud, to allow authorized users to connect to the VPN from practically any computing device. Manage users from the same SPAN dashboard.


 Network monitoring

Have instant visibility to both the network performance metrics (latency, loss, jitter, hop-count) and user traffic patterns from your sites. Intuitive charts allow you to monitor the history of SLA measurements and traffic flows through the network and help set up policies accordingly.

 Programmable WAN

SPAN provides an API to configure and monitor devices and overlays on the fly. Use our composable abstractions such as nodes, links, and networks and integrate with your code workflow at scale.


Here are a few reasons:

 Networking and security building blocks, done right!

SPAN's composable network abstractions along with the whole gamut of networking features makes building and maintaining a network of any size extremely easy, keeping you more productive and focus on what's really important.

Distributed workloads, high availability, and an always-connected workspace are inevitable realities of every modern enterprise. SPAN makes this happen, by connecting all your distributed workload and users together, creating a strong and secure infrastructure.

 You can set up the network faster

Using SPAN's zero-touch provisioning along with easy-to-use web UI or API for configuration steps, you can set up multiple sites in minutes, saving you bunch of time.

 It's a completely managed networking solution

SPAN's multi-provider and multi-tenant architecture offers a comprehensive, but intuitive dashboard to both network administrators and managed providers. As a network administrator, you get a view of the devices, networks, remote users, and application usage across all sites among other things. As a provider, you get a view of your customers along with the ability to create agents who can manage one or more of those customers.

 You can run it anywhere

Unlike other solutions, the SPAN node software can be deployed anywhere there is a need for secure communication. Form factors include: hardware devices, virtual appliances, and Docker containers. You can use these to securely connect physical sites, cloud environments, and different segments (VPCs) and regions of the cloud environments.


Create an Account

We just need an email address and password. Order SPAN hardware gateways by sending us an email at

Build Topologies

Create devices for each site. Build your desired network topology using our drag-n-drop visualization tool.

Onboard Sites

Provision either SPAN VMs or hardware gateways to connect sites with just one click! Configure the LAN side interfaces, advertise subnets, and allocate DHCP pools - all from the simple-to-use dashboard.

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