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    - Isaac Newton

Sproute SPAN is the easiest way to set up a business VPN. It can be used to create site-to-site VPN or site-to-AWS VPN in minutes. No hardware needed. SPAN is a fully managed multi-tenant service that requires no ongoing administration of the private network. It also enables near real-time analytics of network flows through the VPN, providing you with key insights into the traffic patterns. You can easily create a site-to-site VPN session from the SPAN portal and start running applications that connect from any host in one site to a host in the other site - all in just a few minutes.

Sproute SPAN


  • Easy-to-use
  • AWS as a site
  • No ongoing administration
  • Near real-time traffic analysis
  • Automated software updates
  • No hardware needed
  • Automatic NAT traversal

The need for remote private connectivity, aka VPN in enterprises and the solutions are as old as the advent of networking. Starting from, perhaps, X.25 to the modern SSL/TLS protocols, the technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, allowing greater flexibility, better economics, and adaptability to the changing workflows.

Sproute SPAN is a new breed of business VPN service built at the cusp of networking fundamentals with modern web technologies. Learn more about SPAN here. Check back often as we keep releasing features, with a passion to build a simple, efficient, and delightful enterprise IT experience.