Remote Access FAQ

  • What is remote access?
    Remote acess is the ability of users when outside your enterprise network to have access to your enterprise network.
  • I am an account admin, How do I enable remote access for my users?
    Firstly, you should turn on remote access on one or more devices in your account. Go to your device and turn on remote access. Ensure your device is attached to a network.
    Go to the specific network in the networks. Download the Open VPN client configuration for that network.
    For each user you want remote access for, create a user in the SPAN portal,
    For the created user:
    • Email them the Open VPN zip file downloaded in previous step
    • Option 1: Send them a link to reset their own password
    • Option 2: Generate a password for them and give it to them
  • My enterprise Sproute VM is behind a NAT gateway - can I still use the Sproute VM as a remote access concentrator?
    On your NAT gateway, you will need to forward port #1194 for 'udp' and 'tcp' to the private IP address of the VM.
  • Which client software should my enterprise users download for remote access?
    Ask your users to download the OpenVPN client. We don't build the OpenVPN client, we have a copy of the binary for your convenience and have tested these versions with the server we ship. If you want to directly download from the OpenVPN site, you can do that instead.
    Platform Arch Download Link Setup Instructions
    Windows XP 32-bit i686 Download Windows Setup
    Windows XP 64-bit x86_64 Download
    Windows Vista and later 32-bit i686 Download
    Windows Vista and later 64-bit x86_64 Download
    Linux x86 See Linux Setup instructions Linux Setup
    iOS NA Download OpenVPN from the iOS App Store  
    Android NA Download OpenVPN from the Android App Store  
    Mac x86 Download Mac Setup