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Set up a VPN to your AWS assets in minutes with Sproute SPAN

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Managed site-to-site VPN

  • Set up VPN that connects your office locations and AWS VPCs.
  • Link your data center assets and AWS instances into one Hybrid cloud.
  • Remove public access to AWS instances except for customer-facing traffic.
  • Simple onboarding of AWS VPN router using a CloudFormation template.
  • No manual configuration. Our web platform auto-computes and updates VPN configuration to each Sproute router.
  • Strong public key infrastructure for routers to authenticate each other.


  • Get insight into network flows, packet statistics, top destinations, and other important parameters per router or per overlay network.
  • View weekly or monthly charts to spot significant patterns.
  • Multiple VPN overlay networks for traffic segmentation. Extend on-demand access to your partners.
  • Automated route distribution to connect disparate networks together.