Remote access vpn

Set up remote access VPN for your company in minutes

Secure access on any device, from anywhere

$24.99/month for up to 20 users

With recent events, as you try to rapidly scale remote work options, we are here to help. We are offering a free, no-obligation 90-day trial of SPAN's remote access solution that you can use to offer secure access to your employees and partners or augment your existing deployed solution.

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Ease of use

Fully managed service to bring up remote access infrastructure on-premises or public and private clouds within minutes. Single pane-of-glass to manage all your remote access servers and users


All traffic encrypted by default, with certificate-based server authentication. Role-based access through tag matches to enable strict access controls for client VPN users.


Fine-grained security with SPAN's flexible micro-segmentation rules to allow only specific communication paths (can be further combined with site-to-site overlays across all of your branches, thus building out one secure network fabric).

Dynamic IP

Built-in support for servers to be in dynamic IP environments with Sproute dynamic DNS service


Choose from OpenVPN-based clients for any client device, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux.

Visibility and analytics

Real-time visibility based on deep packet inspection engine: live view into applications, traffic patterns, and statistics

The remote access server can be any of the following form factors:

  • VM appliance for your hypervisor platform that you can download after you sign in
  • Virtual instance on public cloud
  • Hardware appliances are also available at an additional cost.